Rats Jo Updates: Eektobers... MFF and Vermin Voyage Continuation


It has been a long spell since I updated this site formally. I have been living on RATSAGRAM and also moving across the dimension to a new location. The old cavern was starting to smell strange and my assistants delicate asthmatic conditions were to be considered. I have been up to a lot over the past 2 months.


First and foremost I must address the elephant in the room. Last month was October and with that month comes a long grueling process of paperwork and assignments across my desk in the bull pen. I dare say the office was a flurry of insanity, rats with tails and whiskers swept all over the place pushing scraps of fabric and moth balls. Somehow in the chaos I managed to make a few drawings, and I made some friends a long the way. View my Eektober journey

Midwest Fur Fest Plans

I'm going to be at Midwest Fur Fest this year and I'm going to try and get in the artist alley daily raffle. That's December 2nd-4th! Though I'm planning on coming on Friday as of now. If I get an artist alley table, I'll be selling some things. I'll make another update before MFF on all the places with the stuff I'm going to be selling. Definitely stickers, definitely ratsona commissions, and also probably some pizza rat comics.

Vermin Voyage continuation...

Vermin Voyage, the cute crazy comic about lil rats going to outerspace to make friends, is getting more pages! I haven't yet decided if I'm going to just start updating online again, or try and finish the entire comic and do something insane with it like leave it at the robot den. If I do end up updating it online, I'll move the site from over yonder on Tumblr over to here as I'm getting the hang of all this broke rat code. I might be getting some help with that so I can focus more on making the rat content you crave and less on presenting it in a somewhat sensible manner.

Anyway, that's all for now. Please stay safe out there, the particles are growing.
with love,

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