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RatsJo Updates: Classy Rat Newsletter Revival


Great news!

It's been a month since I've been at it trying to bring you the best rat content on the w w w, and just this evening I recieved word from the RaTv network that I have permission share with you some previous issues The Classy Rat Newsletter that I acquired in 2019. It's all thanks to an antiquated Rat Dimension ordinance about human and rat scientific collaboration.

Read The Classy Rat Newsletter to catch up on the latest 2019 lifestyle trends and celebratty interviews

2019 was a great year. It was just really nice. I got to meet a lot of rat friends I know today. I feel like everything after 2019 got kind of stinky round these parts. All I'm saying is that, things were less stinky back then in 2019.

Ever wish you could relive 2019 but pretend you live in the rat dimension? You should definitely check out the Classy Rat Newsletter. It's still going, I think. Though I'm not sure they'll be too forgiving if I try to download more. I only got access to these ones because I bothered the network enough and bribed them with saltines. I mean, suuuuure I could spend the cookies to apply for an official scientic license that would allow me to turn the Newsletter Machine on again and print more, but that would take sooooooo loooooooong.

"it's all a really an interesting study on celebratty virtue signalling and misplaced heroics."

Head on over to my Classy Rat Newsletter page to read some of what I downloaded. There's even a comic in there, one of Classy's programs, "The Classy Files." ... I think it's all a really an interesting study on celebratty virtue signalling and misplaced heroics. Like, I hope I can share more with the human dimension some time, but... it gets kind of wild. Like, Classy gets totally dragged for some misteps later on. I mean, you can tell she means well, and I have to admit I love her brand and style, but would I trust Classy with making decisions about my life? I think not!

Next on my list is getting Pizza Rat up on here. That's another one of those properties I lost the funding for. Pizza Rat didn't exactly like the way I drew him, and Classy argued that it put her in a bad light. Ah well, I tried to be a comic artist, but making art is just so hard. Rats are such fickle subjects. I'm going to stick to landscape painting.

Okay, gotta get back to the bunk before curfew again. Till next time!

- Rats Jo


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