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In the year 2019, I used a special device that printed newsletters from different locations in existence. My goal was to cheaply and legally aquire access to the Classy Rat Newsletter, one of the Rat Dimensions most popular publications, without having to pay for a subscription. I was hoping that since I'm not from the Rat Dimension, there would be a loophole which allowed me to do this and distribute it to the human dimension. That didn't work out to well and I recieved a cease and desist order in August 2019, but just recently I was able to acquire rights for the issues that I downloaded and distributed under the grounds that it is considered a "scientific experiment." I'm no scientist, I didn't even build this newsletter device i just got it from nextdoor free and for sale, but I'll take it if it means I still get to share this sweet content. So, here it is so you can download it yourself if you want to read and enjoy.

*Oh, I should also mention that they are kind of low quality, sorry about that. The machine messes up the kerning and collumns sometimes. I tried to adjust it as best I could, but I couldn't access adobe products at this time, so all I had was some weird open source rat software.

Bootleg Classy Rat Newsletter .PDFS

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